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For nearly 150 years, St. Peter's has been shaping students' minds both academically and spiritually.

As part of Right to Read Week in early spring, author Cindy McCauley visited with students in the elementary school in small group sessions. She returned last week for a book signing with students who decided to purchase “IVORY PAL, Born to Fly Higher”.

The story of Ivory Pal is about respecting others and respecting animals, setting goals, being kind to animals and realizing that it’s not always about winning–exemplified with the trainer of Ivory Pal actually giving away blue ribbons that were won during competitions.

To read more about this school and the author’s visit go to www.school.mansfieldstpeters.org
book signing

Sale of Ivory Pal: Born to Fly Higher Benefits Horse Rescues

Ivory Pal; Born to Fly Higher ~ beyond the blue ribbons is the true story of one show horse "reject" whose fate took a U-turn when he was discovered by his soon-to-be partner. This Tennessee Walking Horse stallion had simply shut down after being subjected to the "traditional" TWH performance training methods. The development of trust and mutual respect provides the backdrop for this story and this palomino's success.

While the book reflects one horse's story and the bond with his human, it serves as a ideal springboard for a discussion on ethical horse training and care. Both young and adult readers have shared enthusiastic and positive reviews regarding Ivory Pal: Born to Fly Higher's message.

"Ivory Pal is a wonderful book for all those who consider themselves 'horse lovers.' It is particularly attractive for younger readers who are developing a love and appreciation for these beautiful four-legged historical companions of mankind. . . Ivory Pal makes a very strong statement in supporting those of us who are now battling in the horse protection arena trying to stop the vicious cruel soring practices which are still widely inflicted on the beautiful Tennessee Walking Horses in the show arenas. . . "
~Joseph Tydings, former US Senator from Maryland, Father of the
American Horse Protection Act (1970) and member of the last Horse Cavalry - WWII

Author Cindy McCauley has committed to benefiting horse rescues, many which have seen the ramifications of sored, starved, abandoned or abused horses. From November 2012 to the present, the sale of Ivory Pal: Born to Fly Higher ~ beyond the blue ribbons with a matching contribution from McCauley has resulted in the donation of $600 to these four rescues: Proud Spirit Horse Sanctuary (Lincolnton, GA); Beauty's Haven Equine Rescue (Morriston, FL); Last Chance Corral (Athens, OH); Horse Haven of Tennessee (Knoxville, TN). Donations continue through August for Horse Haven of Tennessee.

Media reviews are available from Equine Journal, Mid-South Horse Review, EquiMed.com, DiscoverHorses.com, Carolina Hoofbeats Online, and Horsemen's Corral.

This full-color book with photographs by Cheri Prill is available at our online Store. Contact McCauley for questions or a review copy.

Ivory Pal has taught me some invaluable lessons that have enriched my life beyond measure and made me a better person. Ivory Pal has taught me the importance of patience, humility, forgiveness, unconditional love, living each moment to the fullest, perseverance, and respect and love for all living things. That is why when people refer to me as Ivory Pal’s trainer, I quickly note that I am not his trainer, but rather his partner. - Rafael Valle

Photo by Cheri Prill

"What an inspirational book for children and adults alike who love horses, or just want a story about how love and trust can make a difference and bring out the bestin everyone In these days of lies, deceit and violence, a story like this gives one hope that there are still people out there who can make a difference. It shows how the lives of these majestic horses could be made better. Once again it makes me so proud to be able to call you (Rafael) my dear friend."

Diana Hurtt - 9/23/2012

Click Above for the Video Preview Advertising The Book

Ivory Pal's future was bleak. The trainers had tried all the "traditional" Tennessee Walking Horse training techniques - the whips. the padded shoes. Nothing worked with this young horse, not even when his rider angrily hit his head with a whip to get his attention. Try as they might, the trainers could not get Ivory Pal to comply. The palomino colt had simply quit - given up. He became a show horse reject!

That is until one glorious day, when everything changed in his life and in the life of his new compassionate owner Rafael Valle.

Read the wonderful heart-warming story in this brand new captivating book of 104 pages with over 30 colored photographs by author Cindy McCauley, "Ivory Pal - Born To Fly Higher".

Buy yours now through our online Store.

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Here is an excellent Book Review on DiscoverHorses.com

"Hi Cindy,
I'm just finishing the book. I gotta say, Rafael has THE relationship that I dream of. He brings it all together - all the important elements of keeping/owning/having a horse or two or more. I cannot wait to share this book with other horse lovers. The last couple of chapters really drive home the points of partnership and equality that I've felt but couldn't/hadn't verbalized. I also have Joe Camp's books and Melanie's so I am keeping my three horses and three mini donkeys as a herd-no stalls, barefoot, and hay available 24/7. Thanks again for the marvelous, beautiful book - lovestory. Just inspiring!"
~ Kathy Kirsch


"Ivory Pal" is a wonderful book for all who consider themselves "Horse Lovers". It is particularly attractive for younger readers who are developing a love and appreciation for these beautiful four legged historical companions of mankind on our planet.

"Ivory Pal" makes a very strong statement in supporting those of us who are now battling in the horse protection arena trying to stop the vicious cruel soring practices which are still widely inflicted on the beautiful Tennessee Walking Horses in show arenas..."

~ Joseph Tydings
Former US Senator from Maryland, Father of the Horse Protection Act and member of the Last Horse Cavalry in WWII.


"Ivory Pal's story is a must read for everyone who has ever owned, loved,trained, or even watched a horse. A beautiful golden stallion who completely rejected the cruel ways of the Tennessee Walking Horse world and was summarily cast aside for his unwillingness. Until he was rescued by Rafael Valle who taught him the magic of relationship first, compassion, and true communication. True partnership. Pal responded by astounding the gaited horse industry with hundreds of wins including two regional championships and a North American championship. These lessons are for all. This is how it should be done! Read this book. You won't be sorry.

~ Joe Camp
Author of the national best seller "The Soul of a Horse , Life Lessons from the Herd"; Creator of the canine superstar Benji


"The Tennessee Walking Horse is a remarkable breed. Unfortunately, human greed, ego, and ignorance have led to terrible abuses of these horses. Of course, abuses exist in many show horse disciplines, but this one is especially painful to this horse. I'm so pleased to see an increasing number of Tennessee Walking Horse owners abandoning these inhumane and unnecessary methods. This book, about Rafael Valle and his stallion 'Ivory Pal' heartened me."

~ Robert M. Miller, D.V.M.
Internationally known equine veterinarian responsible for developing the "imprint method of training foals" and one of the pioneers of natural horsemanship.


"Within the borders of our great country - sometimes on neighboring horse farms - one can see horse training at its most elegant and most sadistic. Author Cindy McCauley contrasts the two approaches effectively in Ivory Pal: Born to Fly Higher. It's a true tale full of surprises: That atrocities are still perpetrated against Tennessee Walking Horses in spite of legislation and public backlash against them, that a stallion plucked from that world would harbor no ill will toward humans, and that a novice horseman committed to noble principles could acquire the wisdom and skill needed to make the team champions. It's a compelling story well told and beautifully photographed."

~ Rick Lamb
Author, Educator, Host of The Horse Show


"Ivory Pal and Rafael are the epitome of the human/equine partnership. . . a shining example of what is possible when this partnership is developed humanely, respectfully, and lovingly. Thank you Pal and Rafael for inspiring us with your journey. And, thank you, Cindy, for capturing their spirits in your beautiful book. NWHA envisions the day (soon) when naturally-gaited walking horses and humane horsemanship are the new "trends" in our industry."

~ Kathie Morrow
Office Manager National Walking Horse Association


"I finished the book last night, cried a lot of happy tears, tears of pride and joy for the incredible difference makers you all are! I'm so proud of and for y'all for standin' up for what you believe in, for your courage, authenticity and integrity. . . you've inspired me so much, more than words could ever express. You've already inspired so many and I'm so excited to think of how many more you will inspire with your story and your book."

~ Templeton Thompson
Grammy nominated singer/songwriter, Breyer Horse owner and a natural horsewoman and trainer.

"Ivory Pal: Born to Fly Higher" Book Sales to Benefit
Horse Haven of Tennessee

horse haven

Horse Haven of Tennessee, the state's oldest and largest equine welfare and rescue group, is the recipient of our donations from the sale of books through August 2013. Ten percent of the profit from each book sold during May and June will be donated to the folks at Horse Haven of Tennessee (HHT) in an effort to help them with their incredible work.

Horse Haven of Tennessee has helped over 600 horses since it was founded by Nina Margetson and a couple of other concerned individuals as a nonprofit rescue operation for abused and neglected equines. HHT helps horses that have been seized by law enforcement. They provide their expertise, transportation to and from the property, and rehabilitation to these horses because law enforcement organizations do not have the facilities or knowledge to care for large animals.

HHT offers programs to help responsible owners when they fall on hard times, on a short-term basis.

Over the years, the abused and neglected horses has exploded, not necessarily due to the closing of the horse slaughter plants, but because the media has created an awareness to the general public. Between January 1, 2009, and December 31, 2010, HHT took in more horses than it had in the first 8 years of its existence. In 2012, the volunteers at HHT cared for 145 equines.

Horse Haven of Tennessee is currently operating on a free-lease basis from a very generous woman in Hardin Valley, but Margetson knows that HHT will need their own facility in the near future. Having their own facility will enable the organization to become more self-sufficient and provide the ability to expand to meet the needs of Tennessee's abused and neglected equine.

For more information, visit their web site at www.horsehaventn.org or check out their Facebook page.

To order the book visit the store page on this site. HERE

For more information or for scheduling a book signing, please contact Cindy McCauley. HERE

For a review copy, contact McCauley or visit www.ivorypalbook.com or the Facebook page - Ivory Pal: Born to Fly Higher book.














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